What is Red Coral ?

Red Coral is a precious opaque, organic gemstone formed in the deep sea by marine creatures. It is also known as Moonga or Praval Ratna and is ruled by the planet Mars or Mangal. The admired red coral is popular for its basic reddish tone but is also found in the shades of pink and orange. The two types of red coral Japanese Red Coral and  Italian Red Coral are very famous among all corals. Ruled by Mars or mangal graha, red coral is a highly auspicious gemstone for being healthy and energetic. Wearing this illustrious stone ensures success in all walks of life. It comes in many shapes such as Italian coral, round shape, oval shape, etc. The Red Coral is ruled by the planet Mars which is a symbol of energy. It surges ambition, courage, and confidence. It eliminates fear and anxiety leading to more success and prosperity.

Red Coral Associations

Chakras – Root Chakra
Birthstone – October & November
Zodiac – Aries & Scorpio
Element- Earth
Planet – Mars
Typical colors – Bright Red or shades of Orange

Red Coral will help you in:

Increasing confidence and courage
Absorbing negative energies
Overcoming obstacles like Fear & Nervousness
Creates longevity in relationships
Aiding blood circulation and heart ailments
Enhancing leadership qualities
Financial and professional growth
Improving Mental health

Benefits of Red Coral

Red Coral promotes success in life and business and helps give confidence to those in leadership roles, and even promotes luck in sporting events. Connected to Mars, this stone helps pull energy from the aggressive planet, balancing it as it is received and channeling it into usable energy for your life. It helps in enhancing physical and mental stamina, Red Coral prevents negative, draining energy and helps keep you balanced. Red Coral is also a stone of wisdom, helping you make better decisions and to use rationality. Red Coral is the lifeblood gem, maximizing vitality, wellness, and mental focus. Red Coral’s meaning is the correct use of power, untapped energy, and driving ambition that creates leadership, courage, and confidence.

Red Coral is most closely associated with the balancing, foundational energy of the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the source of all energy and drives passion and stability. The Red Coral gem connects us to the universal energy grid, supercharging our Root Chakra and keeping us energized and balanced, so we experience a sense of belonging, increased self-esteem, and integrity.

Red Corals are meant for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Able to help us extract additional energy from the universe and increase our awareness, Red Coral has amazing healing properties.