The Path of the Naam is the most ancient and the most natural.

During the four Grand Divisions of TIME, people benefited from the practice of Naam. In all the four ages, Naam occupied a predominant position and people meditated on the NAAM. Naam alone has been the Saving Life Line through the ages.




Foundation of ‘The Irina Movement’


The lineage of Irina NAAM is Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Satguru Balak Singh Ji, Satguru Ram Singh Ji, Satguru Harnam Singh Ji Kile wale Maharaj, Sant Tara Singh Ji Jammu wale Maharaj, and Gurvinder Singh.

Irina Naam is established by Irina Naam. After completing her education, Irina gained employment as an anchor on CNN, after that she left that role and spent an increasing amount of her time on spiritual pursuits. Her discourses attracted followers and thus the Irina Naam movement was established. Irina Naam is a spiritual organization, dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a Spiritual Teacher. The present spiritual head, Irina Naam lives with her family at the main center in Moscow.

The basic foundation of IRINA NAAM is at Dera Naushera KILE WALE MAHARAJ Harnam Singh Ji, located on the banks of the Beas river in the northern Indian state of Punjab, India.

Although IRINA NAAM is not defined as a religion, the organization’s fundamental teachings are not in direct conflict with those of other world faiths.

Today, IRINA NAAM holds Events or teachings in other countries worldwide apart from Russia. It owns different centers in India and Nepal called Spiritual Science of ONE POINT Centres, where meetings are held. Irina Naam teaches a personal path of spiritual development which includes a vegetarian diet, abstinence from intoxicants, a moral way of life, and the practice of daily meditation. There are no rituals, ceremonies, hierarchies, or mandatory contributions, nor are there compulsory gatherings.


Our Heritage
Our heritage is our inheritance – what the past has conceded to us, what we value in the present, and what we choose to preserve for future generations Naam alone has been the Saving Life Line through the ages. The lineage of Irina NAAM is Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Satguru Balak Singh Ji, Satguru Ram Singh Ji, Satguru Harnam Singh Ji Kile wale Maharaj Ji, Sant Tara Singh Ji Jammu wale Maharaj Ji and Gurvinder Singh Ji who all contributed their life to spread world peace through spiritual healing and developing yourself through cosmos energy. The basics foundation of IRINA NAAM is at Dera Naushera Kile wale Maharaj Ji, Harnam Singh Ji, located on the banks of the Beas river in the northern Indian state of Punjab, India Currently Irina Naam taking our legacy forward and contributing her life toward transforming people living with her God gifted Energy and spreading world peace.

Satguru Harnam Singh ji Kile wale Maharaj

Sant Tara Singh Ji Jammu wale Maharaj

Gurvinder Singh

Irina Naam

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Whenever I get nervous and feel exhausted in my life. I tend to your sessions and inspirational Satsangs. They are so helpful and life-giving. Thank You, Irina, for being my inspiration and guide.

Dan Senior

Your crystal healing sessions are so rejuvenating and relaxing. This therapy helped me a lot in tranquility & mental wellbeing. Your therapy brings focus and emotional stability to my life back. Thank you for being my mentor and helping me a lot.

Hannah Busing

Meditation Retreats with Irina Naam are so helpful in bringing peace and harmony to life. Great atmosphere with great services. Irina, you are a great mentor and a great person as well.

Guillaume Bleyer

Such a delightful experience and what a peaceful atmosphere. Your sessions helped me to live my life truly. You have great power in that you have the answers to all my questions and queries. Your sessions are magical and very helpful to me.

Susan Langford

You are a great soul, Irina, such a pleasure meeting you. I have understood a lot about this life only with your help. No one can guide me better than you. Your Meditation sessions are so helpful, they helped me a lot in my life.

Nicolas Horn

Your crystal healing sessions are so helpful in removing my stress and tension. She is an expert and my Mentor forever. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a peaceful and spiritual life.

James Timothy

Happy to have a Mentor and teacher like you. Your sessions are so deep and relaxing, whenever I feel low in my life I listen to your satsangs and motivational talks they are so boosting and develop confidence in me to restart my life with a fresh start.

Cristine Guidry

Not just your sessions the atmosphere is also so peaceful that it feels like home. After your sessions, I become able to control my emotions and use them in the right place in my life. Whenever you feel nervous in your life I recommend you the divine sessions with Irina Naam.

Filipe Almeida

I am very delighted that I got to know about Irina Naam and their healing services. They are so relaxing and comforting. These sessions take you to a world far from all your problems. These enriching and refreshing experiences are great for recharging yourself. I am so satisfied after the sessions, Thank you for your services.

Brooke Cagle

The experience of Satsang and divine appointments with Irina Naam are so relaxing and soothing. The pure feeling after the sessions are out of the world. The magical sessions with Irina Naam are mind refreshing and energizing. Thank you for your precious time.

Stephen Leonardi

This is something that I cannot describe in words, life was so much difficult, but after communicating with Irina everything became easy 🙏🏽 in general, how is this possible, I stopped being nervous, I was able to control my emotions, I do not let them take over, and all this thanks to meeting and visiting Irina Naam Satsang.

Ekaterina Age – 38

You are my teacher and mentor. Thanks to you, I understood a lot in this life, and I am very grateful for that🙏🏻Such a cozy place where you can be yourself, in harmony and understanding, you want to come back again and again. I had a magical day. Thank you 🙏🏽

Olga Age – 47

It even seemed that not one specialist in the world would give as much information as Irina had given she told everything from and to, and she said which rug is better to choose and why’s that important. I am yours forever 🙏🏽✨ the atmosphere in a million I repeat, this is just a delight 🙏🏽 so much information of nuances.

Tatiana Age – 32

We enjoyed our stay here, the placement is in a nice area and we felt very comfortable both in the homestay and on the streets. The staff at Irinanaam were very helpful, making sure that we felt at home, helping us book our train tickets, and showing us around the area. In all, it was a very good experience.

Ekaterina, 39