What is Emerald?

Emerald is a highly precious gemstone that ranges from bluish-green to deep green in color. It is the most famous gemstone among those belonging to the mineral Beryl family and the most admired gemstone in the Navratnas after Diamond. It is known as Panna in Hindi and represents the planet Mercury (Budh). Emerald is one of the most reputed gemstones in astrology and is worn for success in business, career, and education. Emeralds are believed to enhance the intellectual abilities of the wearer. Due to its vibrant color and durability, it is often used in pieces of jewelry. It generally comes from Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia. Emerald symbolizes success, wisdom, intelligence, prosperity, and communication. This gemstone belongs to the planet “Mercury” or “Budhh” which makes it directly related to mental wellness and gives health benefits. Emeralds are associated with the Heart Chakra, which is the chakra for emotions. Thus, this gemstone assures physical, emotional, and mental stability which brings harmony to all areas of life.

Emerald Associations

Chakras – Heart Chakra
Birthstone – May
Zodiac – Gemini and Virgo
Planet – Mercury
Element – Earth
Typical colors – Bluish-green to deep green

Emerald helps you in:

– Professional Growth
– Academic success
– Enhances creativity and Imagination
– Refining Oratory Skills
– Improving physical health
– Protecting from Heart-related disorders
– Enhancing concentration

Benefits of Emerald

Besides being desirable for jewelry Emerald is endowed with Healing properties. It is the gemstone associated with Heart Chakra, thus, it heals the heart and provides physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing. Green crystal energy is used to settle blockages and rebalance emotions. Vedic astrology suggests wearing this gemstone to rise out of negative impacts created by a weaker Mercury in an individual’s horoscope as it is ruled by the powerful planet Mercury which is believed to be the messenger of gods. Thus, it represents intelligence, wisdom, and humor. Emerald is believed to cure diseases related to speech like stammering and memory loss and bring perfection to speech. Emerald has negative effects if it is not worn with the proper guidance that’s why it is not advised to wear this gem to everyone. Emerald is the stone of the heart thus symbolizes mercy, compassion, and universal love. It represents all the wonderful things in this world and the connection their connection to love. Emerald is also acknowledged as the ‘stone of successful” as it brings loyalty and bliss to relationships. It enhances unconditional love and unity which promotes friendship and keeps partnerships in balance. It is believed that the change in its color signals unfaithfulness in relations. Emerald stimulates the heart chakra putting an effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart. It also has the power to calm, strong or upset emotions and creates positive energies that will help remove blockages in your chakra systems. Emeralds are powerful stones as they bring harmony to all areas of life by ensuring physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium.