What is Ruby ?

The word ruby comes from rubber, Latin for red. Ruby comes in pinkish-red to blood-red colored gemstone; Ruby is one of the most famous traditional jewelry gems and is durable. It is called Manik Ratna in Hindi. The color of a ruby is due to the element chromium, and In the ancient scripts of Vedas, ruby is referred to as ‘Ratnaraj,’ which means “king of the gems.” Hence, ruby is also called the “King of Gemstones.”
Some gemstones that are popularly or historically called rubies, such as the Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial State Crown, are spinels. Rubies are also found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Rubies from Thailand are relatively less attractive, and those found in Sri Lanka are pinkish.

Ruby Associations:-

Chakras – Root
Birthstone – July
Zodiac – Cancer
Planet – Sun
Typical colors – Pigeon-blood red

Ruby Will Help You In:-

  1. Gives Mental Strength
  2. Improves Paternal Relationships
  3. Brings Name & Fame
  4. Wards Off the Evils
  5. Commands Authority and Luxury
  6. Improves Health Conditions
  7. Increases Marital Harmony

Benefits of Ruby:-

People suffering from Vitamin D deficiency can also benefit from wearing a ruby stone in a copper or Panchdhatu ring. This gemstone is known to restore vitality, improve eyesight, and enhance blood circulation in the body. You are likely to see an increase in confidence after wearing a Ruby.