What is Yellow Sapphire ?

Yellow Sapphire is a beautiful stone that is associated with the planet Jupiter (Guru). It is a lustrous yellow-colored stone also known as Pukhraj or Jupiter Stone. It is a precious stone that has great significance in Hindu Astrology as this gemstone strengthens the cosmic rays of the planet Jupiter. It is a highly precious yellow-colored gemstone found in different shades of yellow according to the heat treatment and origin.

Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, and Australia are fruitful sources of natural Yellow Sapphires. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire (Sri Lanka) is universally acclaimed for its clarity and color consistency, followed by Burmese Yellow Sapphire (Myanmar). Thailand Yellow Sapphire, African or Madagascar origins are less popular because of reduced color concentration and high inclusions. It provides its wearer with professional prosperity, blissful matrimony, enhanced willpower, and a healthy progeny.

Yellow Sapphire Associations

Chakras – Solar Plexus Chakra
Birthstone – October & November
Zodiac – Sagittarius, and Pisces
Planet – Jupiter
Typical colors – Bright Yellow, Golden, or Lemon

Yellow Sapphire will help you in:

Success in Business, Jobs & Academics
Improving Financial and Social Status
Health Rejuvenation
Marital and Progeny Bliss
Stability and Grounding
Improving Digestive Health
Preventing liver and kidney infirmities

Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire

As Pukhraj is symbolic of Planet Jupiter it gives immense growth in the academic and Financial sectors. Pukhraj revives stagnant business & career and provides a boost to make it a success. Yellow Sapphire is the most trusted Gemstone for bringing financial & materialistic growth by overcoming debts, deadlocks & losses. It helps in creating wealth & wisdom. Pukhraj stone is highly recommended for people seeking marital bliss as it helps tackle issues like delay in marriage, incompatibility, problems in conceiving, etc.

Wearing Yellow Sapphire activates the solar plexus and improves willpower and concentration, helping people to observe their vision and materialize their goals. It strengthens an individual’s ability to handle ambiguous situations. It enables them to taking correct decisions, be disciplined, define their goals in life, and achieve maximum success. The power of Yellow Sapphire also protects its wearer from accidental death and its healing powers benefit ailments related to Heart and Kidney.